Help the world to unite for kinder, better science

27 May 2021 marked the first ever World Animal Free Research Day. Animal Free Research UK has a 50-year history of uniting animal-loving communities and scientists to create a world where we will be able to cure diseases faster, without animals suffering.

Watch our new short film showing our vision for a brighter future for humans and animals.

"A brighter future where diseases are cured faster without animal suffering is within our grasps.  Britain must grab and lead the rest of the world to it. 

Thankfully, one of the charities close to my heart, Animal Free Research UK, has declared 27 May World Animal Free Research Day to highlight the work of the pioneering, animal free scientists setting the gold standard in medical research. "

Joanna Lumley, OBE
Animal Free Research UK Patron

The story so far...

50 YEARS AGO, a small group of likeminded citizens gathered to discuss their collective goal - to end experiments on animals.  Our journey began with a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens. Thanks to their legacy coupled with your generosity and steadfast support, we shall create a better future - for the good of both animals and humans.

On World Animal Free Research Day and beyond, we want everyone to think big and imagine that future which is within our grasp for every breathing being on our planet - and help us accelerate the end of animals used in medical research.

 Find out ways you can help and UNITE with us:

Your challenge, your way.
Take action for animals

To celebrate our 51st anniversary, we are launching Challenge for Change where you can make a real difference to help remove the cages holding defenceless animals.

All you need to do is dream up a challenge to complete. It can be based around the number 6 or just a challenge of your choice. Whether you decide to hula hoop for 6 minutes a day for 6 days, climb to the top of Everest on your staircase, or you are already taking part in a virtual challenge and want to fundraise for Animal Free Research UK – you choose your challenge.

Modernising Medical Research
Animal free research is NOT science fiction

Ask your MP today to urge the Prime Minister to set up a dedicated department or ministerial position to accelerate the replacement of animals with high-tech alternatives.

Using our quick and easy tool, you can find and message your MP and ask them to take action in just a couple of minute.