Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 256 on Accelerating Human Relevant Life Sciences in the UK

You can help secure government support for animal free research

Countless animals are suffering in laboratories across the UK for medical research. 

Yet 90% of new medicines that prove promising in animal tests fail in human trials because they are unsafe or just don’t work.

As a result, most major diseases remain poorly understood and lack effective treatments.

Human-relevant, animal free research methods – like those funded by Animal Free Research UK – are our best hope. They could help to reduce the drug development failure rate, saving time and money. Most importantly, they could help to save precious lives – human and animal.

The Government wants to make the UK a global powerhouse for research. But to have real impact, it must provide supportive infrastructure, funding, education and training, and regulations that enable human-relevant research.

Use our quick and easy tool to find and message your MP to ask them to sign EDM 256, and demonstrate how important animal free, human relevant science is.

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