Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. In fact, every sixth death worldwide is due to cancer.

And whilst every loss is a tragedy – humans are not the only victims.


Many more animals have died in laboratories for humankind’s drive for victory against cancer. The true number of animals forced to suffer and die may never be known but it is likely to be in the tens of millions, if not far higher.
And the latest Home Office statistics confirm our fears that the UK’s continued shameful reliance on outdated animal research has increased to over 3 million experiments on animals in 2021 alone.
We must end this medical research practice.
All is not lost: hope comes in the form of a progressive, human relevant, animal free research project. At our Animal Replacement Centre of Excellence (ARC 1.0) in London, Dr Adrian Biddle and his team are embarking on a project to develop reliable animal free methods to understand how tumour cells spread and invade other organs of the human body (known as metastasis).
Adrian’s research will hasten the discovery of effective drugs and help end the suffering of animals in laboratories. A real win-win.
This innovative three-year project requires only £50,000 in funding. With your support of as little as £15, the project will not only help beat cancer, but also save countless animals from suffering in research every year.
Can we count on your generous and unswerving support once more with a donation today to fund this life saving project?
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Meet Oscar. His story represents the thousands of monkeys who are imported each year into the UK
to test drug safety and effectiveness, including in cancer studies.

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